Mobile Games to Download to Make You Love Staying at Home

Virtual games are something that has saved us a lot from the pandemic blues. From taking breaks to play games between work schedules to make sure that we don’t feel alone, the games have helped us quite a lot. It has even enabled us to socialize the virtual way. After all, they are easy to download and play.

The surge in usage of mobile games has begun ever since the pandemic has hit the nation. However, even before that, game makers benefited as mobile data became cheap and more people got access to cell phones. To know more about this, read this blog by Forbes.

If you are new to the gaming world, you might be flooded with options, as frankly, there are so many to choose from. No matter what kind of game you like, there is one for you. You can be spoilt for choice. It is why we have come up with this blog, where we have picked some of the most enjoyable ones for you.

1.Rummy: Now, this is one such game that you must have seen adults playing while you were a kid. In India, rummy is played at parties, clubs, and alike. And there is a high chance that even you have played it. There are various types of rummy that you can play online. The virtual version is so exciting, and you will have a gala time playing it.

The best part about online rummy is that it helps in boosting focus and memory, helps you with your analytical skills, and more. It is said to have help in cognitive functioning and help you with problem-solving approaches as well. The online version is easy to download and play. But before entering the contest, play the free ones.

As we all know, rummy is a 13-card game. There are different rummy types on the leading online applications, such as points rummy, deals rummy, and pools rummy. Points rummy is one of the most played variants in India. The maximum point tally for a player who is losing is capped at 80 points.

If you are a beginner looking to enjoy a game or two in between work or after a tiring day, you can go for points rummy. The winner is the one who makes the first valid declaration. Here she gets the cash based on the points scored by the opponent. In this regard, you should keep in mind that a joker is an essential part of this game.

Deals rummy is another game of points rummy that is played for a fixed number of rounds. In this one, the players get an equal number of scores at the start of each deal. When they determine deals are over, the individuals with maximum scores are declared as the winner.

Another type of game that we want you to know about is the pool rummy virtual game. It has certain similarities with the deals rummy. In this one, the individuals pooling fund for starting the game, which is the prize pool. It can be played over several rounds; the game is played with a pre-decided points tally, and the one to reach the points tally gets rejected.

The game continues till one person is left who the winner is. In pools rummy variant, it is suggested to lose the high-value cards like K, Q, J & A. For the ultimate gaming experience, kindly choose the best online platform to play rummy games.

2.Sudoku: This is yet another fantastic game that you can indulge in while staying at home. The best part is that you can play it while traveling, after boring meetings, etc. There are various online platforms where you can play Sudoku. If you have the habit of solving puzzles in newspapers or magazines, this game is apt. It improves concentration and helps you flex those brain muscles.

If you have been facing anxiety and stress recently, which is quite common given the situation, try to play a few rounds of Sudoku every day. It promotes a healthy mindset and improves thinking skills.

The 9 * 9 grid one is quite popular, and other variations include 4 * 4 excellent, 2 * 2 grids, etc. You will be hooked on these Japanese-origin puzzles. It is a logic-based, number-placement puzzle. It is easy to download and play.

There are very various ways to solve the puzzles, such as the pencil technique. In this one, players use a pencil to write possible candidates in a blank before coming up with a unique solution for winning in Sudoku, target columns, rows, and 3×3 blocks.

Use a pencil and eraser to write the same. Also, keep in mind the process of elimination while you play sudoku online.

3.Ludo: We are going to talk about another very nostalgic game that you will surely love. Yes, we are talking about Ludo. We don’t think there is any Indian that has not played a game of Ludo in his childhood.

It can be played by two to four players generally. You can either invite your friend to join you for the game or challenge your opponent. Ludo is believed to be originated from the game of Pachisi that was played in the 6th century, India. It is an easy game, and you can play it any time of the day.

These are a few games that will help you challenge your mood swings and make you love staying at home. To know more, kindly follow us.