Changes in the entertainment industry by 10 years

The first televisions took months to save up for. They changed the pastime of people all over the world. Thanks to technological advances, these devices are still popular today and are spawning new markets. Now it is not just a source of news and entertainment, but also an assistant in everyday tasks: the TV can order groceries, work as a personal trainer and monitor the quality of exercise, read a story to the children, and put them to bed. But TV wasn’t the only thing keeping people entertained. Gambling has been around for a long time, causing more excitement every year.

It’s the year 2021. Online casinos legal in India have been fully functioning for over 15 years. New technologies and developments are actively being introduced. Along with this, work is underway to optimize sites and machines and address issues related to legislation. 2022 could be a significant milestone in developing an online casino in India. This year, the market will appear virtual reality glasses and other modern technologies introduced in gambling. It is the future. But it will not be superfluous to look back and find out: how has the popularity of online casinos legal in India changed in previous years?


The analytical company Global Betting and Gaming Consultants has provided reporting data collected over the past ten years. During this period, virtual slot machines and other available entertainment increased by almost 328%. In terms of money received, the money turnover has increased by nearly 200% and amounted to about $20 billion for the year. The volume of the virtual entertainment market increased by 43%. Currently, the total cash turnover of online casinos in Europe is about $35 billion. Many experts believe that by 2025, this value will increase to the mark of $50 billion. How is this possible, given the economic instability in several countries? 

It can be assumed that many citizens are looking for new ways to combat stress because of the worsening of things. And playing slots, poker or roulette is the best solution to the problem. Many users will try to restore their financial situation through virtual gambling.

Gambling statistics for 2021

  1. Asia is the leading region in gambling revenues (31.3%).
  2. Due to the pandemic, revenues are projected to be struck in 2020 (minus $80 billion).
  3. As a percentage, Africa has shown the most significant growth in recent years.
  4. Sports betting represents the largest sector of online gambling.
  5. The top five gambling markets are China, the US, Japan, South Korea, and Germany.
  6. The online gambling market currently generates $53.7 billion in revenue, which comes from sports betting.

What do people gamble on the most?

About 20% of the world’s population gambles at some point in their lives, and that number seems to be growing, mainly thanks to online gambling. But what do they bet on the most?

Those who have bet on sports might as well buy a lottery ticket because they are good at guessing. In fact, according to the latest data, sports betting has been a significant player choice for almost 15 years.

Favorite Gamblers

Both sports and casino betting grew from 2011 to 2021, while skittles and poker betting lost favoritism. Lotteries are also growing but on a much smaller scale. It is important to emphasize that the above proportions reflect the total number of players but the total amount spent on them.

As for casinos, slot machines are the most famous casino game in all three English-speaking countries: the United States, Britain, and Australia. According to recent estimates, 53% of all social casino players prefer it. However, this is an aggregate, comparative analysis that does not stand up to individual scrutiny:

  • In the UK, bingo is still the preferred choice for casinos.
  • Poker is much more prevalent in Australia compared to the other two countries.
  • Blackjack comes right after slot machines and poker for casino players in the US.

How much do people spend on gambling?

So now we know what people spend their money on, but not how much. Our chart, “Total Internet Gambling Revenue (Billions of Dollars),” gives a general and more up-to-date view of that amount. 

The development of gambling in the United States

Until 2011, this country had strict restrictions on providing services in the field of gambling entertainment. Until now, Americans can’t make payments with credit and debit cards and accept winnings on them. It has affected the gambling industry to some extent. And despite the above, there have been many willing to get around the ban to play casinos or bet on sports.

The last ten years have been momentous for the United States in gambling. It all started when the US Department of Justice announced that the ban only applied to betting, not online lotteries, poker, and other categories.

From that moment, a new era of gambling in the United States began. After that, online casinos started to appear exponentially. The game rules vary from state to state, and licensing is now handled by special regulatory government agencies.

Asian gambling market: development in 10 years

Asia is a region that is home to about 60% of the world’s population, so it is attractive to iGaming operators. New technologies are well developed here; however, most countries have strict restrictions on gambling activities. Land-based casinos and establishments on cruise ships can get permission from the authorities, but online gambling still faces severe difficulties and prohibitions. 

Despite the aforementioned, players are finding various hiding places on the global network to spend time at online casinos. Some countries’ authorities pay attention to this and think about legalizing certain gaming content to make a profit to the budget. For example, in India, such a decision is taken at the federal level. Some states are already developing regulations to allow gambling companies to play online casinos legal in India for rupees.

Other countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, etc., still do not issue permits for providers, but the current trend suggests that this may soon change.

Gambling in Europe

The European continent consists of several highly developed countries – their combined economy surpasses the United States and China. A specific part of the income comes from the tax liabilities of companies that have received licenses for online gambling. The United Kingdom, for example, has long been known for its tolerant attitude toward gambling, and only recent changes may affect the overall situation.

As for other European countries, the online gambling industry is legally allowed in most of them, as long as the casino and betting office operate legally.

In Spain, permission from local authorities should only be obtained for live streaming; other areas such as poker, lotteries, roulette, and slot machines are regulated by national laws.

In Germany, the state does its best to control the authorization process, but regions issue their licenses for specific vendors.

France and Italy have specific laws requiring underpayment by increasing casino margins. As a result, it is less profitable to play in these countries, but the number of players has not decreased by any means.